About Us

Hello and welcome to our chocolate shop and studio.

We are sisters, business partners, and chocolate lovers. Jane is the short-haired brunette and Sue wears the funky red glasses, in case you were curious. We are driven by a desire to bring joy to the world. Premium handmade chocolates are the canvas we paint with to elicit smiles and make eyes go wide with awe.

Your delight is our delight. 

Artistry and originality are incredibly important to us. Chocolate-making affords us the creativity to conjure up new flavours, push our boundaries, and craft works of decadent art. 

Much of our inspiration comes from nature, beautifully expressed in the waters, fields, forests, and beaches of Prince Edward Island. 

Having both spent most of our lives working in dark rooms, we are light seekers.  We love using bright, buoyant colours as an accent of joy in our chocolate creations.  

Always in pursuit of chocolate perfection, we use only the finest ingredients and source locally where possible. All of our chocolate creations are handmade, ensuring each is a one-of-a-kind experience. 

Works of tempered art that are meant to be savoured.

We believe beauty is meant to be savoured. That’s why we are dedicated to crafting chocolates that taste as decadent as they look. We want your first bite (and every bite after) of a Jane & Sue bonbon or chocolate bar to be a sublime flavour experience.

Our Beginnings

Originally from Ontario, we each eventually found our way to Prince Edward Island and it became our new home. In 2018, we decided to open a bakery, fulfilling a long-held dream of running a food business together.

Not long after we began baking up a storm, Jane developed a gluten intolerance. That was all the motivation we needed to turn our focus more intently towards the chocolates we’d been crafting alongside our bread and other baked goods.

We quickly fell in love with the artistry and mastery that chocolate-making demands and Jane & Sue Chocolate was born. Since then we’ve attended countless chocolate-making courses to enhance our technical skills and learn new ones, while also exploring our creativity through new flavour profiles and designs. Sue also completed the Pastry Arts Program at the Culinary Institute of Canada.

From the outset, Jane & Sue Chocolate has been a joyous journey that marries exacting techniques in chocolate-making with artistic expression and innovation.

Today, we remain wholeheartedly in love with chocolate-making and the creativity it allows us to express. In crafting chocolates for our customers, we get to share with them a bit of ourselves while bringing them a taste of joy and that’s the greatest reward of all. 

Most days you’ll find us in our Stanley Bridge studio tempering new works of chocolate art, perfecting new flavour creations, or painting the latest batch of handmade bonbons. We look forward to welcoming you to our studio filled with unique chocolate artworks that taste as exquisite as they look.